Joomla 4 is Here!

Joomla is an open-source content management system (CMS) for publishing web content, developed by Open Source Matters, Inc. Over 80 million copies of the software have been downloaded since March 2007, and more than 64,000 of the web’s largest sites are built on it. Klingstedt Brothers Web Design has been using Joomla for many years as its core CMS engine for all Business packages and above. Joomla is what is “Under-the-hood” of your website.

Nearly nine years in the making, Joomla 4 was written from the ground-up to be faster and more secure, while also bringing many new features and support for new technologies. This major upgrade has gone through extensive testing and was officially released on August 17th, 2021. We tested the latest betas internally, adapted our designs to the new system and are extremely excited to bring these new features to our customers. We are glad to announce that we will fully support Joomla 4! Beyond that, we will be running a promotion for existing customers to take advantage of upgrading.

If you choose not to upgrade your existing site, don’t worry. Joomla 3 will still be supported for a few years to come.

Why Update to Joomla 4?

Faster and More Secure

As Joomla 4 is focused on using modern technologies and improving the coding quality, it will bring an overall performance boost and page loading times for web applications based on this version will be considerably faster. New security features such as support for prepared SQL statements ensure your site is also more secure.

Updated Design

Unmatched responsiveness, compatibility with modern browsers and eye-popping design. Joomla 4 sites will run the latest version of our proprietary LiquidWinter and Bootstrap the most acclaimed framework for creating responsive, mobile-compatible projects on the web.

Search Engine Optimization Improvements

Search Engine Optimization is a key element of web development as it takes a website to the top of search ranking. After all, the entire efforts and money invested in Joomla development services will go to waste if your site has a weak SEO. Joomla 4 will resolve this challenge as it comes with a number of SEO improvement features.

Redesigned User-Friendly Control Panel

The new version brings a back-end user interface (UI) that is far more user-friendly in comparison to that of the previous versions of Joomla. Not only is the UI cleaner in appearance but it will work faster too.

Managing Media Files Will Be Easier

The new media manager will help users to manage their images, videos and PDF files more easily. Edit pictures: crop, resize, rotate, rename using the control panel. Users can also configure specific permissions for each user’s role.

A new Publishing Workflow

Manage your articles in an advanced and customizable way.

HTML Mail Templates

Allow easy customization of the emails your site sends.

More Information about Joomla!

Limited Time Promotion

Klingstedt Brothers Web Design will run a limited time promotion for existing customers (with websites running Joomla 3.x) from August 17th 2021 through October 31st, 2021. The promotional package will include a standard maintenance review, engine upgrade, custom interface design and content updates.

Normally valued at $818, this package will be available for $650, a savings of over 20%!

If you have been looking to update your website with us, there has never been a better time!  Call us today at 330-456-8319!